Project Description

14th World Processing Tomato Congress & 16th ISHS Symposium on the Processing Tomato


From the 20/03/2022 to 24/03/2022

Following the monitoring of the evolution of the pandemic and easing of travel restriction, Dr. Sergio Uñac, Governor of the Province of San Juan, together with Mr. Mike Montna, President of the World Processing Tomato Council (WPTC), have decided that the congress and symposium will take place on 20 to 24 March (and not on 6 to 11 March 2022 as initially announced as hotel availability was unsufficient to host all attendees).

Anticipating that not everyone will be able to travel to San Juan and to plan for the risk of an in-person event being impossible at the last minute, the congress and symposium will both be planned as hybrid events, with the possibility for attendees to follow the sessions remotely, and with the setup fully in place to move everything online if deemed necessary closer to the event. This will ensure that the congress is not cancelled or postponed again.
WPTC looks forward to working with the government of San Juan, sponsors, speakers and all attendees to build on collective efforts to date and ensure the congress and symposium are as much of an inspiring, successful and productive experience, if not more so than it would have been in 2020.

More information will be available shortly on the congress website